Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Behind the scenes of the Olivia Lee show filming

I was fortunate enough to get behind the scenes access, to the filming of the titles for the second season of the Olivia Lee sketch show. Soon to feature on Comedy Central, produced by Tiger Aspect productions.

I get to Waterloo Film Studios in Waterloo at 10:30am, as directed by the production team. To find the crew already setting up for the day. Everyone is extremely friendly and eager to get started. Meanwhile Olivia is in makeup, having prosthetics applied for her Grandmother character. A few hours later, all the crew acquainted, amped up with caffeine, Olivia arrives on set looking 40 years older with a shrewed american accent in full character. Wig, fake Teeth the lot. She is a sight to behold. But this is one of many characters she has developed for the show.

The other draw for me to attend the shoot was the Arri Alexa Digital. The new relatively compact motion camera that promises to ''redefine the limits of motion picture capture with ultra-fast workflows and image quality akin to 35mm film. From major motion pictures and high end dramas to commercials, music videos and mainstream TV''

Its an amazing piece of kit from what I could see. I'm a photographer not a film maker but I was fascinated by the possiblities of a camera like this. Especially as the photography industry continues to evolve and so do the expectations of our clients. A camera like this speaks the language of a photographer in terms of ISO's, Shutter speeds, Fps. The rest is practice, practice, practice. http://www.arridigital.com/alexa

It was great to meet Olivia and the crew, and thanks to Director Chris Faith http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2594558/

Arteh Odjidja.

photos by Arteh Odjidja

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Here's to a productive 2011!

I plan to get right back out there in the industry this year. Photoshoots, fashion shows, Exhibitions the lot.

As with everything in this business, you get back what you put in, and its who you know, and a bit of what you know.

So here's to a productive 2011.

Arteh Odjidja.