Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gilbert & George: The Urethra Postcard Art of Gilbert & George 14 Jan—19 Feb 2011 Mason's Yard

Got a last minute invite to come along with a few friends to see the new Exhibition by Gilbert and George at The White Cube- Masons Yard. I seem to have this awareness of Gilbert George stemming back to my college days, researching the resergence of modern art and the protagonists that are fueling its relevance in our modern world.

Gilbert and George are definitely two slightly odd characters, that present a somewhat cartoonish persona to the world. That one would presume, are just extrememely well crafted alter egos, just as premeditated as their art.

The framed postcards are displayed beautifully in unison, and consumes the White Cube's display space unapologetically, in a graphical panorama, that initially forces you to take a step back and digest a visual that is both pleasing to the eye and calming. But then draws you closer to explore the individual pieces. Which in majority discuss sex, quite vividly and shows an array of sexual messages pumped out by the sex trade.

Regrettably the show neither surprised or delighted me, from an artistic or critical point of view.

The self indulgence of the sexual content, became the only real talking point.

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