Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Me, Wilf and the LEICA S2...

Having Known Wilf for some years, I was aware of his secret flare for fashion and brazen style choices. He's one of those hard to pin down characters, that you're always pleased to come across down the local pub for some colourful banter. Having lived an extremely varied and at times frivolously indulgent lifestyle, he is full of wild stories, cautionary tales and opinions on everything from the world class photographers he's built sets for over the years, to today’s politics and fine tailoring. He really is an extremely layered individual, who makes no apologies, and regrets very little of his 60 years on this planet.

So Wilf calls me one evening, interrupting his own night with friends and with a slight slur in his words, and asks if I’d be interested in taking his portrait. The opportunity to photograph a man like Wilf, who's face tells its own story was an opportunity I was relishing.

On the day of the shoot, a few weeks on from our conversation. Wilf keeps me waiting for 3 hours, but arrives at the studio looking immaculate, head to toe in Tartan, polished black shoes and a crisp white tailored shirt. I was truly pleased to see him living up to his reputation. he was greeted with a warm hand shake and a cold beer. His delayed arrival, meant that time was in short supply so we got right down to capturing some great shots. Leica S2 with 120mm & 70mm lenses.

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