Sunday, 5 February 2012

I can’t eat shoots so I’ll leave | Stuart Sandford

I can’t eat shoots so I’ll leave |Stuart Sandford

Acclaimed photographer Stuart Sandford explains why he’s hanging up his camera for good

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A friend sent me this link and I was intrigued by the Title 'I can’t eat shoots so I’ll leave' which is a monologue from the photographer Stuart Sandford on how he has come to the decision to give up his role as a photographer after years of commercial and artistic success.

"Part of the decision to call it a day is that I think I’ve said everything I ever wanted to say with photography and, in fact, probably said it with the first photoshoot I ever did in 2004"

"It’s tough as hell out there in the art and photography worlds to make an impact because so many people these days are doing it. Print magazines and newspapers are declining rapidly and slashing budgets accordingly and in the process doing away with their photography departments. There’s nothing unusual these days to have a photography editor at a newspaper or magazine with no photography staff on board."

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