Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Manfrotto Klyp

This thing is genius! Use your iPhone to record video on a tripod. I had to get a new Manfrotto tripod to go with this cool bit of kit. Mainly for appearances, they do look great together.

After hand holding everything in New York in September. I felt I needed the something a little bit smarter looking and something that would improve the quality of my video and this seemed to tick all the boxes.

Moscow fashion week was the test and it passed with flying colours. In fact my graphic designer friend wouldn't give it back after lending it to him to play around with. The light consumes batteries at record speed but apart from that the perfect travel setup for quick videos.

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Jules said...


wondering with the Klyp, how is the light for video, looks high up so wondering if your subject if relatively close ends up with uneven light (light at top dark halfway down)
Seems like the light should be to the side not on top of the lens? any thought?