Thursday, 20 February 2014

London Moments 19/2/14

Wonderfully random days in London are my favourite. The ones that bring unplanned but welcome instances. Yesterday my day began at the crack of dawn in east London's Shoreditch, tracking down and snapping the latest street artworks left by the anonymous artisans that dedicate their time and talents to decorating the east ends's numerous walls shop fronts, bins, lamp posts, bridges etc etc with ambitious and intricate artworks in an array of energetic styles.

That was my morning, by early afternoon I was at work in London's Mayfair where I teach Leica owners how to master their new cameras, with hands on tips and techniques.

As I mentioned London can be a very random place at times, but wonderfully so. Walking along Savile Row I came across a super dapper gentleman whom I had to introduce myself to and find out a little more about. I mean what a great outfit. We had a great conversation and he told all about his favourite tailors and a bit about his life and I got a picture, to remember him and also plan my own style in 30 years. My cloak will have a green lining though!

All images ©Arteh Odjidja / Arteh Creative.

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